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How Do You Identify Duplicate Bearings?

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We all know today that we are living in a world where every single thing has a B copy, so how do you know whether you are buying your desired original product or you are just paying the same amount as the original for the B copy of the product? That’s why it is essential to know some important points while buying anything and special things that are related to your work, as they are related to your life, money, success, job, and more. When talking about Hiwin dealers in Bahadurgarh, many dealers out there claim to have the original Hiwin linear motion guides, but end up having duplicate bearings, so how would you identify whether you are buying the original Hiwin linear motion guides or the duplicate ones? In some cases, using duplicate bearings has resulted in the occurrence of several incidents resulting in harm to the workers, so it’s important to know the exact details about Hiwin linear motion guides, Hiwin bearings, and more. In this article, we will talk about some important points to identify the duplicate bearings, and will also discuss Jai Krishna Bearing House, the leading authentic Hiwin dealer in Bahadurgarh.

The Risks of Using Duplicate Bearings

Duplicate bearings not only affect the smooth performance of your machines but also compromise the safety of your workers. To be safe, you must identify duplicate bearings, as this is the only way to enhance your overall performance and be confident about your and your worker’s health. Duplicate bearings result in different types of problems, affecting originality, performance, quality of the products, premature failure, repetitive maintenance cost, equipment damage, reliability, and also decreasing trust in the dealer. You must always stay vigilant while dealing with the hiwin dealers in Bahadurgarh. To identify the duplicate Hiwin linear motion guides and ball bearings, we have listed some of the points, that you should read and know to have a better understanding of the Hiwin ball bearing and Hiwin linear motion guides:

Key Indicators of Authenticity

  • Examine Hiwin Label: The simple step of checking any product is to identify the packaging and labeling of the bearing. Original Hiwin bearings will always be packed in a good manner, in branded boxes including the Hiwin logo and product description, while duplicates will lack this one. Check for spelling errors, and missing details, and if you find any, then it will be duplicate bearings.
  • Examine Bearings: The next step is to identify the physical characteristics of the bearings that you bought from the Hiwin dealers in Bahadurgarh.  Hiwin bearings are made with precision and have certain standards that result in better performance and reliability. Check if the product lacks something, or has rough surfaces, uneven edges, and visible defects.
  • Check on Several Parts: In the process of purchasing the Hiwin linear motion guides from the Hiwin dealers in Bahadurgarh, you should always look for the delivered parts and see if there is any part missing or if something is wrong. Hiwin is considered the most reliable manufacturer of bearings all across the globe, so they won’t end up making such mistakes.

In some cases, the duplicity can be to the extent that you will not see any physical differences between the original bearing and duplicate ones, so in that case, you should always try to find the reviews of the dealers from whom you are purchasing the Hiwin linear motion guides or Hiwin bearings and establish their authenticity by cross-questioning other Hiwin dealers in Bahadurgarh.


Knowing and reading this level of duplication of bearings, you must be doubting finding and purchasing from any dealers in Bahadurgarh. Don’t worry, we have a solution. Jai Krishna Bearing House, since 2004, has been a leading hiwin dealer in Bahadurgarh and is trusted by thousands of customers, not only from India but from all over the world. we are here to make you aware and build trust in our relationship by serving you with trusted, original, and reliable products. So, what are you waiting for? Order your Hiwin linear motion guide from the best Hiwin dealer in Bahadurgarh.

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