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HIWIN Single-Axis Robot SK Series


The HIWIN Single-Axis Robot SK Series offers precise and dynamic linear motion along a single axis. It is widely used in a range of industrial applications. The SK Series is produced with innovative design, high precision, and reliability, contributing to improved automation processes.

SynchMotionTM Technology

With SynchMotionTM Technology, rolling components are intervened between the parcels of SynchMotionTM to give further developed dissemination.

Because of the disposal of contact between the rolling components, impact clamour and sound levels are decreased.

Tangent Circulation Technology

Balls enter the circulation system by following a twisting pathway.

It can lessen the effect while balls enter the circulation system, work on the speed, speed increment, and perfection of traditional external circulation, and decrease the clamor while balls enter the circulation system.

In this manner, it acts with high velocity and low commotion performance.

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