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RA610-1869-GC - Articulated Robot


The RA610-1869-GC Articulated Robot carries forward the exceptional features of its successors, they particularly drawing from the capabilities of the RA610-1355-GC model. With a 12kg payload capacity and an extended maximum motion range of 1869mm, this robot stands as a backbone of versatility, agility, and precision in the realm of automation.


Articulated robot RA610-1355-GC with 12kg payload and 1355 mm max. Motion range can assist individuals with doing complex positions, for example, filthy, testing, and risky, by using its high degrees of freedom and high agility features.

It has a high IP protection rating for residue and water security. It is outfitted with three solenoid valves to control the pneumatic gadget effortlessly. It gives the best capacities to different automation applications, for example, workpiece stacking/dumping, deburring, and assembly.

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