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HIWIN i4.0BS® Intelligent 4.0 Ballscrew


The HIWIN i4.0BS® stands as an innovation, being the world's first intelligent 4.0 ballscrew. Its high-tech technology integrates an operating system that detects vibration and temperature. This intelligent ballcrew is engineered to prevent unexpected machine shutdowns, ensuring high machine utilization, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Monitor Production Line, Lead Smart Manufacture

HIWIN i4.0BS® is the first intelligent 4.0 ballscrew on the planet. It consolidates a multifunction sensor to identify vibration and temperature with a professional algorithm. Clients can screen the situation with each machine progressively from the APP to organize maintenance schedules. It can stay away from machines' unexpected closure and accomplish high machine usage, energy-saving, and natural security.

Applicable industries

  • Machine tools
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Automation equipment
  • Industrial machines

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