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HIWIN Heavy Load Series Ballscrew


The Heavy Load Series demonstrates an exceptional load capacity reaching 2-3 times higher compared to the standard series. This design enables the ballscrew to sustain significantly heavier loads which makes it suitable for applications with demanding load requirements and high acceleration/deceleration.

Features Heavy Load

Load Capacity can be up to 2-3 times higher compared to standard series. It sustains a much heavier axial load and higher acceleration and deceleration.


JIS grade C7 accuracy.

High Speed

Super S and RD Series adopt tangent return design, DN Value is up to 160,000.


RD Series Heavy Load Ballscrews adopt a tangent return design with spacers inserted between the balls to help reduce the noise created by friction between the balls.

Applicable industries

Heavy Load ballscrews can be used on All-electric injection molding machines, Die-cast machines, Semi-conductor manufacturing machines, Heavy duty actuators, Forging machines etc.

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