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HIWIN Super Z Ballscrew


The Super Z series incorporates a tailored and optimized recirculation path that not only improves ballscrew speed but also contributes to noise reduction. This optimization results in a smaller nut diameter, increased service life, and the ability to meet high precision requirements. The DN value of the Super Z series reaches an impressive 160,000, ensuring high-speed operation suitable for dynamic applications.


The new series has a specific and optimized recirculation path which can improve ballscrews peed, reduce noise, reduce the diameter of the nut, increase the service life and satisfy high precision.

High Speed

DN value could reach 160,000.

High acceleration and deceleration

MAX 1.5G

Less Vibration & Smooth Operation

Compared with traditional tube circulation, Noise is lower (by) 3~5dB.

Space-saving and lightweight design

The nut diameter is 15%~30% smaller than the classic series.

Accuracy grade

C0 to C10

Applicable industries

  • CNC Machine Center
  • Automation System
  • Nanotechnology Platform
  • Medical Equipment
  • Testing equipment
  • Semi-conductor equipment
  • Dust-free environment with high precision

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