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HIWIN Super S Ballscrew


The Super S Ballscrew boasts lower noise levels. This noise reduction is hidden through a protected design in the returned unit. The specific return unit pathway and reinforced design of the ball nut minimize the impact experienced by the balls. This design element allows the Super S Ballscrew to excel in high acceleration and deceleration scenarios.


Low noise (5~7dB lower than traditional series)

The protected design of the returned unit can ingest noises brought about by the effect of the steel balls, accordingly fundamentally decreasing noise intensity.

Space-saving and weight-easing design

The ball nut diameter is 18%~32% more modest than the classic series.

Dm-N value up to 220,000

The protected plan of the returned unit can work on the strength of the return structure, accomplishing a Dm-N value of up to 220,000.

High acceleration and deceleration velocity

The pathway of the particular return unit and the ball nut's reinforced design diminishes the effect experienced by the balls. So it can support maximized performance in additional thorough working conditions, like high acceleration and deceleration.

Accuracy Grade

Precision ground ballscrews are accessible in JIS Grade C0~C7; Rolled ballscrews accessible in JIS Grade C6~C10.

Applicable industries

  • CNC Machinery
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Electronic Machinery
  • Precision Machine and other,
  • High Speed Machinery

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