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HIWIN Super T Ballscrew


The Super T Ballscrew hides extremely low noise levels, being 3 to 5 lower than the general series. The recirculating components of the Super T not only reduce noise levels but also efficiently lower middle and high-frequency ranges. This results in a qualified tone, eliminating soft sounds and providing a better sound quality compared to conventional ballscrews.


Low noise (lower 3~5dB than general series)

The best recirculation design can retain noise from the effect of balls to diminish the noise level.

Qualified Tone

Super T recirculating components not only can reduce the sound pressure level but also efficiently lower the middle and high frequency range better than conventional ballscrews, producing no shrill fricative and better sound quality.

Low vibration and smooth activity

The digression distribution significantly diminishes the influence power of running balls and the opposition of directing balls, so the vibration of the nut is gentler, and the turn is smoother and more steady.

Applicable industries

  • CNC machinery
  • Precision machine devices
  • Modern hardware
  • Electrical hardware
  • High-velocity hardware

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