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HIWIN EG Series Low Profile Ball Type Linear Guideway


The HIWIN EG Series is a specialized Low Profile Ball Type Linear Guideway. The EG Series linear guideway distributes load efficiently in four directions. This design enhances load-bearing capacity and contributes to the system's versatility. The more limited length of the EG Series further contributes to its suitability for high-velocity automated machines.


The EG series linear guideway is moved by a high load limit and high inflexibility on the four-row patterns.

It also includes a similar load in four directions and a self-aligning ability to retain installation error and accomplish high precision. Also, the lower assembly height and the more limited length make the EG series more reasonable for the high velocity programmed machines and the applications where as far as possible is thought of.


  • Automatic equipments
  • High-speed transfer equipment
  • Precision measuring equipment
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment Woodworking machinery

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