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HIWIN RG Series High rigidity Roller Type Linear Guideway


The new RG series from Hiwin features a roller as the rolling component rather than steel balls. The roller series offers high inflexibility and exceptionally high load limits. The RG series is designed with a 45-degree point of contact.

Elastic deformation of the linear contact surface during load is extraordinarily diminished, consequently offering a more prominent unbending nature and higher load limits in every one of the four burden directions.

The RG series linear guideway offers elite performance for high-precision producing and accomplishing longer assistance life.

Ideal Design

FEM investigation was performed to decide the ideal structure of the block and the rail. The unique design of the course way allows the RG series linear guideway to offer smoother linear motion.

High unbending nature

The RG series is a linear guideway involving rollers as the rolling components. Rollers have a more noteworthy contact region than balls, so the roller guideway highlights a higher load limit and more prominent inflexibility. The figure shows the unbending nature of a roller and a ball with equivalent volume.

High load limit

With the four rows of rollers organized at a contact angle of 45 degrees, the RG series linear guideway has equivalent load evaluations in the outspread, switch radial, and sidelong directions. The RG series has a higher load limit in a more modest size than regular, ball-type linear guideways.

Working life expanded

Contrasted and the ball component, the contact strain of the rolling component is appropriated on the line locale. In this manner, stress fixation was diminished fundamentally, and the RG series offers a more extended running life. The ostensible existence of the RG series can be determined by utilizing Eq.


  • Semiconductor equipment
  • PCB assembly equipments
  • Medical equipment
  • Robots
  • Precision measuring equipment
  • Office automation equipment
  • Other miniature sliding mechanism

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