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HIWIN QH Series Quiet Linear Guideway


The HIWIN QH Series represents an innovative Quiet Linear Guideway developed by HIWIN Technologies Corp. This linear guideway is distinguished by its silent and smooth operation, delivering a quiet linear motion experience. The KE Series excels in layered dimensional control, ensuring that the layered tolerance remains within practical limits. With layered dimensional control, the KE Series offers high compatibility, allowing blocks and rails to be used together in a specified order without compromising dimensional stability.

Features Compatibility

Low Noise Design With SynchMotion® innovation, rolling components are intervened between the partitions of SynchMotion® to give further developed dissemination.

Because of the disposal of contact between the rolling components, impact noise and sound levels are decreased.

Self-Lubricant Design - The segment is a grouping of empty ring-like structures framed with a through opening to work with the flow of the oil.

Due to the extraordinary oil way design, the lubricant of the segment storage space can be topped off. This way, the frequency of ointment topping off can be diminished.

The QH-series linear guideway is pre-greased up. Performance testing at a 0.2C (essential dynamic load) shows that after running 2,500km, no harm was evident to either the rolling components or the raceway

Smooth Movement In standard linear guideways, rolling components on the load side of the aide block start rolling and push their direction through the raceway.

When they contact other rolling components, they make counter-rotational friction, resulting in an extraordinary variety of rolling obstructions. The QH linear guideway, with SynchMotion® innovation, prevents this condition.

As the block begins to move, the rolling components start rolling continuously and stay isolated to prevent contact with each other, in this manner keeping the component's kinetic energy very steady to lessen changes in rolling obstruction.

High-velocity Performance The Hiwin-QH series offers phenomenal rapid performance because of the segments of the SynchMotion® structure.

They are utilized to isolate the nearby balls, in this manner bringing about a low moving foothold, and the metallic friction between adjoining balls is dispensed with.


  • It is mainly for high-tech enterprises in which fast, quiet, and low residue climates are required.

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