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HIWIN MG Series Miniature Linear Guideway


The HIWIN MG Series stands as a specialized Miniature Linear Guideway. The HIWIN MG Series is a specialized Miniature Linear Guideway designed by HIWIN Technologies Corp. It features a small and lightweight design that makes it a compact tool and application where space is limited. The MG Series is constructed with high-quality materials, including stainless steel and composite steel, ensuring exceptional corrosion resistance.

Features MG

The MG Series, with its small and lightweight design, is appropriate for the smaller-than-expected tool. All materials are an extraordinary grade of stainless steel and composite steel for hostile erosion capacity.

Gothic arch contact design has a high unbending nature and accuracy attributes every which way. Steel balls are compelled by a smaller than usual retainer, so without losing balls while eliminating the block MG Series.

The pattern of augmented width, MGW Series, has an expanded limit of the moment load. Gothic arch contact pattern has high unbending nature qualities every which way.

Steel balls are obliged by a little retainer, so without losing balls while eliminating the block away from the rail. All metal parts are made of stainless steel for hostile consumption capacity.


The MG-O recirculation system utilizes a coordinated design. The distribution part is made of tar. Decreased around 20% weight.

This pattern can reach a smoother movement performance. Block, rail, and spotless parts like ball and retainer, provide great protection from consumption.

Small and lightweight make MG-O suitable for scaled-down hardware. MG-O series can be utilized in many fields, like semiconductor gear, robotics, measuring hardware, office automation tools, and other slider apparatus. MG-O is reasonable for restricted space establishment.


  • Semiconductor equipment
  • PCB assembly equipments
  • Medical equipment
  • Robots
  • Precision measuring equipment
  • Office automation equipment
  • Other miniature sliding mechanism

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