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HIWIN HG Series Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guideway


The HIWIN HG Series stands out as a robust and specialized linear motion solution, specifically designed for heavy-load applications. The HG Series boasts compatibility through layered dimensional control. This allows blocks and rails to be seamlessly utilized together in specific sequences while maintaining dimensional resistance.

Features Compatibility

Due to layered dimensional control, the layered tolerance of the HG series can be kept within sensible reach. Any blocks and rails can be utilized together in a particular succession while keeping up with dimensional resistance. A retainer is added to keep the balls from dropping out when the blocks are taken out from the rail.

High rigidity in each of the four directions

Due to the four-row format, the HG series linear guideway has equivalent load evaluations in the spiral, switch radial, and lateral directions. Moreover, the circular arc groove gives a wide-contact width between the balls and the raceway, permitting enormous passable loads and high unbending nature.


  • Machine centers
  • Machine tools
  • Precision machining machines
  • Heavy cutting machines
  • Punching machines
  • Marble cutting machines
  • Automatic equipments
  • Grinding machines
  • High speed transfer equipment
  • Injection molding machines
  • Measuring equipment

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